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Watec Security Cameras

24-Hour WATEC Security Cameras Color WATEC Security Cameras Monochrome WATEC Security Cameras WATEC Security Cameras

Watec Security Cameras

Former Model
Replacement Model

WAT_107/107 L


WAT_202 B Y/C

WAT_202 D Y/C

WAT_203 EX

WAT_205 A

WAT_207 A CS




WAT_300 D G3.8

WAT_300 DH G3.6/5.0/7.5

WAT_230 G3.8

WAT_660 GD

WAT_230 CD

WAT_505 EX

WAT_502 A

WAT 502B

WAT_220 G3.6/5.0/7.5

WAT_220 G2.9/3.8


WAT_902 A

WAT_103 Progresive Scan

Limited warranty for this camera is three years *
Limited warranty for peripherals is one year
* NB: The Watec 3-year warranty does not cover CCD repair or replacement caused by white blemish phenomena

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