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Barriers and Barricades - Crash Barrier Gates - Barriers for Safety - Vehicle Barriers - Security Barriers - Security Barricades - Barricade Warning Light


Made in U.S.A.: High Quality at competitive prices, to protect sensitive openings.

Motorized hydraulic, surface mounted, reinforced cable crash gate

Stops a 15,000 lbs. vehicle at 30 mph

The new CES- CBG 120 is a motorized hydraulic, surface mounted, reinforced cable crash gate , engineered to stop a vehicle with minimal penetration. Designed primarily to prevent against unauthorized vehicles from either entering or exiting a secured control point, Using a hydraulic power unit and solid-state electrical components with its customizable control logic, it can easily be adapted to a variety of uses. (E.g., Access control, security checkpoints, etc.).

Power Requirements:
115V/230V 50-60 Hz 120 Watts The unit can be built to meet any local power requirement as to voltage, frequency and phase.

Barrier Length:
Standard Barrier length of 12' 0", with additional lengths of 2' 0" increments to a maximum of 20' 0" in length

Reinforced cable barrier :
The Barrier is 6x2x0.2500 ASTM-A-500B structural steel tubing. Reinforced with (2) Two ½ " cables (Spectra 12 Strand Plasma rope) with a minimum yield strength of 31,300 Ibs. Finished with white epoxy urethane enamel paint with bright red reflective tape.

Manual Locking Pin:
The barrier is provided with a 1 locking pin with padlock locking point to secure the barrier in the closed (Secure) position.

Padlock if desired to be furnished by others

Operating Time:
Cycle to lower barrier 2 seconds Cycle to raise barrier 2 seconds

Metal primer than epoxy enamel base coat with an epoxy urethane enamel finish coat to prevent chalking, fading, and the maximum protection from corrosion. Standard colors of Red, White, or Yellow available, other colors available on request. (Additional Charge may apply)

Crash Barrier Control Circuit: The machine is completely pre-wired requiring only the connection of the power feed and the control circuits. The circuits and power connections are terminated at the wire connector strips in the electrical Control box. The barricade was specifically developed and pre-wired to interface with a wide range of control options including: remote open and close from multiple locations, radio open and close, open by card reader, key switch or automatic vehicle identifier tags. The Barricade controller uses state of the art Microprocessor technology to ensure a flexible approach to control techniques; it possesses all appropriate expansion options including I/O slots and serial communications interface. In short, any device that will cause a contact closure or opening can be handled.

General Operation: The barricade can be operated form either a normally down or a normally up mode. In most applications, the barricade is in the up position except when admitting the authorized vehicle. Although some sites require the barrier normally down and only in an emergency or other special circumstance is it raised. No special provisions or changes are necessary in the basic system to operate in either mode.

Instant Reverse : The barriers can be instantly reversed at any point in the operation cycle, i.e. full down, full up, moving down or moving up.

Traffic Lights: Red and Yellow traffic signal lights are available. These traffic lights operate in conjunction with the Barricade(s) with the red signal going on as the barrier begins to rise and the yellow signal only when the barricade is down and clear. The lights have an adapter to permit mounting on a standard 3-inch pipe.

Warning Signs : Fluorescent warning signs are available from Spike Systems with safety cautions such as "Barricades Ahead, Prepare To Stop!" or special messages prepared in any language .

Crash Barrier Documentation: Each machine is furnished with the following: Mechanical Installation Instructions, electrical & control Installation start up procedures, trouble shooting, electrical, mechanical drawings.

Options : Red /Yellow Traffic lights, Radio Receiver-transmitters for remote radio control, Card readers, Keyed lock switch, Directional Indication System, Battery Backup, Illuminated and Non-illuminated Warning signs.

Maximum Opening: 18 feet

General Safety:

The following safety instructions, and any/all applicable local, city, state and federal regulations/laws/codes are to be observed for the installation and operation of this barricade.

1. Locate the barrier away from pedestrian traffic and restrict all pedestrian traffic away from barricade.

2. Locate the barricade far enough from the street so an exiting or entering vehicle can clear the barricade completely while waiting to pull in or out into traffic.

3. The closing and opening actions must be observed. The mounting of operating switches or signals outside the field of direct view is not permissible; there must be a line of sight between the barrier and the control switches.

4. It is forbidden for person or goods to be anywhere within the swing zone of the barrier while in operation. Severe damage, injury or loss of life may occur.

5. Provide adequate nighttime illumination of the unit and signs warning of its presence.


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Crash Barrier Plate  - Pop up Vehicle Barrier - Steel Crash Barrier - Barriers for Safety - Vehicle Barriers - Security Barriers - Security Barricades - Crash Barrier Plates

·   Standard Opening: 12 feet (14’, 15’ and other openings are available)

·   Stopping Power: 15,000 Lbs, at 30 MPH

·   Hydraulic Pumping Unit enclosed within the unit to protect the environment.

·    No excavation needed

·   The TC- PWB-140 provides the higest level of security for a portable barrier within a cutting edge design, allowing the TCES-PWB-140 to surpass all other similar barriers.

Upon impact, forces shall be first absorbed by the steel plate and then transmitted throughout the unit, creating the most innovative and protective barrier available
Crash Barrier Plate


Gates and Traffic Control

Swing and Slide Gates and Motors

We offer barrier, slide, and swing gates. We also fabricate the metalwork for residential, commercial or industrial installations. Solar powered gate motors are available. Aluminum arm and backup battery included. Gates are available in the Greater Miami only. We send motors everywhere.

Gate Motor
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Swing Gate
Swing Gate
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Slide Gate
Slide Gate
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Barrier Gate

This parking gate operator was made to be unique in the industry through innovative design and solid engineering. Its single state-of-the-art universal electronics control board eliminates the need for mechanical limit switches, relays and contactors. Arm position is limited by a magnet mounted on the drive shaft which is sensed by two magnetic sensors on the electronics controller. Its full service controller is capable of accepting inputs from telephone entry, loop detectors, card readers, push buttons, etc. Built-in VDC backed-up power (up to 500ma) provided for accessories. The standard break away arm design will allow the arm to be reused many times. Finally, its modern design and cutting edge technology will make this gate the perfect choice for all your parking control applications.


Barrier Gate
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Tiger Teeth Traffic Control

TT-200 - Tiger Teeth Traffic Control

Traffic control products are ideal for controlling most one way traffic. The traffic control spike set will allow vehicular traffic travel in one direction only.

Click here for detailed information on Tiger Teeth Tire Shredders


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