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Secure Entry Portals, Security Entrance System Integrating Metal Detection, Anti-hostage and Positive ID

Anti- piggybacking and tailgating

In today's world, security is not an optional, but an essential service, which any security provider must be certain of. Security begins at the door!

The 2001-2DS security entrance system utilizes state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest level of security. It will maximize the end user's return on investment by effectively reducing annual security operating costs.

Mode of Operation: Access through the first sliding semicircular wing - either by means of a push-button or any form of personal verification the customer would choose. If the person entering the chamber has no metal objects, the first wing will close automatically and signal the second door to open. If, on the contrary, the person has enough metal to alarm the internal metal detector, a verbal request will be made asking that the metal objects be deposited into special boxes available at the entrance. Once the entry or exit has been completed, the entire internal volume is controlled by detecting the presence of any objects left in the chamber by means of a sophisticated precision weighing system and optical rays. If nothing is detected the door system is cleared for a new operating cycle.

Automation: Two 24-VDC electric motors with torque and velocity controls are provided. Electronic damping prevents wing oscillation when stopping. High accuracy (3mm) wing position sensors with programmable limits. Electronically controlled motor acceleration and deceleration current ramps preventing mechanical and electrical noise on the metal detector. Reduced motor speed option for the handicapped.

Operating Hardware: Metal detector fully programmable from console. Digitally synthesized voice messaging system. Sophisticated system to detect any object left inside the chamber before clearing for the next usage. Anti-hostage protection with adjustable weight threshold, to prevent simultaneous transit through the security door of two persons. Green/red LED indication lights.

Safety and Emergency: Absolute absence of high voltage in the door chamber. Pneumatic safety edge with self-regulating electronic control on sliding frame. Electronic motor current monitoring to detect wing movement obstruction. Photocell protection at each door threshold to prevent the door wings from closing on a person or object. No operation unless a minimum weight  requirement has been satisfied. Internal battery back-up to maintain the full operation in case of a power failure. Simultaneous opening of both door panels in the event of an emergency signal. Mechanical override of door wings in the event of motor failure.

Operating Software: Extremely flexible programming options (up to 10 programs) to suit any specific operator requirements. Extensive event reconstruction capability thanks to the recording and visualization of the last 100 events, individually labeled with the time and date of each occurrence. Possibility of progressive inhibition of malfunctioning subsystems to keep the system operating even in a degraded mode.

Maintenance and Support : Complete test capability of the entire system with indication on the console to permit quick and easy diagnostic activity. Complete remote monitoring, diagnostic and adjustment capabilities through a standard RS232 serial bus at the controller.

Options : Digital synthesized messages in any desirable language. Ultrasound sensor for automatic operation of the door system. Internal lighting and hidden micro TV camera connected to the video recording system. Proximity badge system to increase the filtering capability of the security door. Biometric fingerprint identification system for entrance to highly restricted areas. Thanks to our extensive in-house hardware and software research and development capabilities, any option can be developed for your special needs.

2001-2DS-110 Security Entrance System


1050 x 1050 x 2400mm
3-1/2' x 3-1/2' x 8'


900 Kg
2050 lbs.

Entry Width

28 inches*


120-v/220-v USA
240-v World - 24-v CC
400 Watts


60 Hz USA
50 Hz World

Back-up Battery Life

2-4 Hours

Pass-through Speed

5-6 persons per minute

Operational Temperature

-10 / +55 C


Doors open under any conditions.

Pass-through Direction

Either way - One-way exit -OR- One-way entry --one-way exit

Standard Features

Metal detectors calibrated to pick up 90 grams & up - Self-management system through main console with event printing capability and all process parameters set from management terminal - Programmable operation of up to 200 events - Voice messages - Active and passive pneumatic edges - Message display on LCD screen - RAL baked-on paint - Bullet resistive glass to a Magnum 357 - Emergency release button


Hook up for Biometric systems - CCTV & Video registration - Electronic sensor - "badge" reader system

* 2001-2DL-110 Security Entrance System with an entry width of 32 inches(815mm). Meets ADA Regulations

** Available in 4 door

$60,000 - $100,000*

*options, shipping & handling extra

Security Entrance System
click for larger view

Security Entrance System
click for larger view

Security Entrance System
click for larger view



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