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Hi-Tech CCTV Systems


Wireless Receiving System

This is the ultimate in self contained wireless receiving systems. The MGS-PRS-5000 receives and records the video image from any of our 2.4 GHz cameras (high power recommended). 24-hour battery life and record time, much longer in stand by. Will also work with our wired cameras by plugging in the RCA cable to the built-in "video in" jack on the case. Unit also supplies power to the camera. Built-in video input for wired cameras. Video Motion Detection (built-in) activates only when motion is detected.

Comes as shown with 960 hour VCR with date, time stamp and 1 directional Yagi antenna. Does not include cameras.

MGS-PRS-5000 - Wireless Briefcase Receiving System  $2,925.00*

*options, shipping & handling extra

Hi-Tech Wired Video Briefcase System
click for larger view


4 Ch. Portable Recording System

The MGS-PRS-8000 is our newest analog portable recording system. It has a built-in quad and built-in 2.4 GHz high gain receivers, allowing it to receive up to 4 wireless cameras at the same time. It also incorporates 4 directional Yagi antennas for maximum range. The built-in rechargeable battery system allows for multiple hours of operation without the use of external power. It also has 4 video inputs so the system can be used with 4 wired cameras.

Comes as shown with 960 hour VCR with the date, time stamp and 1 directional Yagi antenna. Does not include cameras.

MGS-PRS-8000 - Wired Video Briefcase System $4,425.00*

*options, shipping & handling extra

Hi-Tech Wired Video Briefcase System
click for larger view


4 Channel Portable Digital Recording System

This MGS-PRS-12000 is the ultimate covert portable receiving / recording surveillance system because it is self-powered and gives the ability to record images on SD Card. With one push of a button the image on the screen is captured and stored on SD Card. This system has 2 independent 2.4 GHz hi-gain receivers built-in. Cameras can be viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world.


  • Portable Video recording systems for field applications
  • Real Time Recording Capability
  • 4 channels wired / 2 channels wireless 2.4 GHz band
  • 10.4 inches video monitor
  • Compression MJPEG
  • SD  Card
  • 4x6Volt, 12 amps rechargeable gells cells for self powering up to (20) hours with extended battery power monitor off

MGS-PRS-12000 - Portable Digital Recording System  $5,850.00*

*options, shipping & handling extra

Hi-Tech Wired Video Briefcase System
click for larger view


Wireless Mini Digital Video Recording Surveillance System

This MGS-PRS-4000 extra compact, lightweight, ruggedly constructed, self-contained mini digital video recording surveillance system includes a 2.5 LCD TFT color monitor, nickel metal hydride battery pack and high-quality digital video recorder. This portable recording system can be worn in either a fanny pack or backpack making it perfect for any covert operation. The MGS-PRS-4000 comes complete with a built-in 2.4GhHz receiver for wireless applications. Most micro or compact DVR units do not come with monitor and battery power. This unit includes everything.


  • Wired or Wireless System Built-in
  • 2.4GHz Receiver Built-in
  • Extra Compact Size
  • 2.5 LCD TFT Color Monitor
  • Analog Video/Audio Inputs
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged Construction
  • Floating 30GB HDD for Impact Resistance
  • Schedule Recording
  • On-Screen date and time
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Size: 7" x 5" x 3"

MGS-PRS-4000 - Wired Video Briefcase System $3,592.50*

*options, shipping & handling extra

Hi-Tech Wired Video Briefcase System
click for larger view


4 Ch. Portable DVR Briefcase

The ultimate covert portable receiving/recording system. Our wired and wireless systems receive and record up to 4 camera images into a customized 120 frames per second (fps) digital recording system. The wireless system has 4 independent 2.4 GHz hi-gain devices built-in. Cameras can be viewed via the internet from anywhere in the world. Can also be viewed via wireless PDA.





1.7 Gig



Hard Drive

160 Gig

Camera Input

4 Channels

Audio Input

1 Channel


120 Standard(240/480 available)


1024 x 760

Back Up System

CD-RW (DVD-RW available)


110 V./12 Volt w/supplier converter


  • Large color LCD monitor
  • PDA Live monitoring (Windows CE)
  • Remote view Point to Point or Multicast
  • Web based user interface for easy operation
  • Remote playback and recording
  • Wavelet compression for better image quality
  • Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
  • Multiple passwords to view authorized cameras
  • Will email snapshot pictures upon alarm detection
  • 4 channel video and 1 channel audio

Camera Not Included:  
Works with any of our cameras. Best sellers are: 220x Zoom (MGS-PC-220WC) and the Mini Pinhole Camera w/X-Vision (MGS-BD-108W-X).

4 Channel Portable DVR System
MGS-DVR-9900W - Wired System $6,750.00*

*options, shipping & handling extra

**contact us to  1-305-499 9396 or write to

Hi-Tech Compact Recording System
click for larger view



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