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Products : Covert Cameras

Covert PIR Camera, 2.5mm Wide angle Lens, 12V 150mA, 1/3" CCD Image Sensor, 420TVL , 0.1Lux.

NEW 1/3" Ceiling Light Camera; 540TVL; 0.001LUX ; SDNR; 3.7mm Pinhole Lens; Day & Night; DC12V 150mA; for use in Elevators, Halls , Offices , an blends with other light fixtures.

new Functional Smoke Detector Covert Camera, 1/3" Color CCD with Audio, Slowshutter 0.001 LUX , 3.7mm Pinhole Lens, 560TVL. DC12V 150mA

Fire Sprinkler Covert Camera, 1/3" Color CCD Slow Shutter High Resolution Pinhole Lens, 3.7mm DC12V 150mA

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The Ugly Betty Tale: This is about a hidden camera called Ugly Betty, after the ugly but efficient look she always wears. The camera can be hidden through the wood of objects a person usually has in their home or office in order to watch small or large treasures or to see a sick grandmother. A thief ( identified as the Big Bad Thief) wants to stole but is afraid to do so in public (sometimes there are Ugly Betty cameras or neighbors watching). He approaches the object he wants to take, and naïvely thinks that everybody is going far away. He starts  picking some flowers, then he packs a television monitor. In the meantime the camera that is in the grandmother's house pointing toward the entrance, and hidden pretending to be an invisible girl eats the images, and waits for the thief, hidden as I told before, at grandmother´s house. When the thief arrives, Ugly Betty spy camera eats more images too. Suddenly a neighbor, comes to the rescue and cuts the thief suitcase open. Several stolen objects pop from the suitcase, and the noise attracts grandmother to the entrance who later records a clip of the images to submit them to the authorities.

This tale makes the clearest contrast between the apparent safe world of a house and the dangers of the thieves forest, conventional antitheses that are essentially modern, though no versions are as old as that. It also seems to be a strong security tale, teaching people not to ‘wander off the security path'

Despite being smart, hard-working, and productive, the camera has always been shadowed by the fact that she isn't the best looking camera, that´s the reason we called it Ugly Betty...

Hidden Cameras

Casinos have hidden cameras to check Black Jack aficionados . Hidden cameras are everywhere. Hidden cameras also check Video Poker, Baccarat, and Pai-Gow Poker tables. Slot Machines and Roulette games have also their own set of hidden cameras. Draw Poker and other games that are all available in both free and real money versions, have surveillance using hidden cameras. We invite you to join the immense group of casinos using hidden cameras in order to protect valuables, and of course the public.

Discotheques and other entertainment venues also use hidden cameras to alert guards about weapons. In some very famous cities, the police count with many hidden cameras in order to detect drugs use and sellers. Hidden cameras have participated in many operations to reinforce the law and are a strong point when the need to present evidence in courts is a must.


A vandal proof dome security camera for crime-fighting citizens

It's the latest in fashion for the crime-fighting citizens: a vandal proof dome security camera.

The new domes can be installed in areas where criminals or vandals are willing to knockdown a regular dome security camera .

They are part of the CES security camera program, which includes some infrared cameras , to maintain a day-and-night eye in dangerous areas. The vandal proof security cameras' lenses can be pointed toward dark places where a suspect might be hiding.

Click here to see the CES vandal proof dome security cameras


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