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Parts of the system


We offer many varieties of tags as part of its ATag automatic identification product line. They are tailored to suit a multitude of applications for personnel, vehicle and asset monitoring and tracking. Click on your choice to learn more.


The ATag Activator is the cornerstone of the ATag Control Point architecture. The Activator is a stand-alone transmitter that connects directly to an application-specific antenna to provide a low frequency activation signal to awaken tags as they pass through the antenna's field. The Activator writes its location ID to the tag, which is then retransmitted, along with the tag's unique ID, to provide the tag's precise location at time of activation. By adjusting the power output on the Activator, the activation area can be expanded or reduced, creating Control Points from a few feet in diameter to tens of feet across.

The Activator can be configured with its own user-defined location ID via serial port (using a PC or terminal communications device) or manually via jumpers. The unit installs easily and offers flexible coverage for perimeter doors, interior zones, vehicle lanes and other control points throughout the facility.


Control Point Architecture - limits tag activation to specific user-defined points or zones for tracking and control

Adjustable Power - activation zone can be sized using a simple tuning tool with exterior LED power-level indicators

Signal Penetration - low frequency signal penetrates briefcases, luggage, clothing, people, and virtually all non-metallic building materials

Flexible Installation - connects directly to a wide variety of application-specific antennas at distances up to 50 feet away

RF Antennas

RF Antennas are a vital part of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System. Their variety of configurations allows a wide array of applications, from covering an office door to a multi-lane roadway.

Software - ATrac

ATrac Software provides an enterprise-wide personnel, asset and equipment monitoring solution, with integrated logging, tracking, alert notification, status monitoring and reporting functions. The software combines operator-friendly displays, flexible configuration and instantaneous query functions to offer a powerful tool for tracking movements and automatically controlling remote devices. ATrac has a range of application s, including resource management, asset protection, personnel time and attendance, status monitoring, and inventory logistics.

ATrack, coupled with the company's ATag automatic identification products, offers customers the ability to easily monitor and track asset and personnel movements throughout a facility. The system is based on a flexible control point architecture that allows the user to activate and identify tags at specific locations within the facility. Identification and location data broadcast by the tags is gathered by network receivers and forwarded to the ATrac application. The software time stamps, displays and logs the event information in a general-purpose database where it can be accessed via standard queries and reports, including quick retrieval of "last seen" location and movement history. Additional reports and queries can be customized to the user's specifications.

When combined with our digital video product line, ATrac offers the ability to simultaneously capture a digital image of the event for video verification and evidence gathering. In addition, each tag record can be linked to a stored image of the person or object. This image can then be displayed whenever the corresponding tag read is received for immediate visual verification.


Functional Linkage™ - assets or vehicles can be linked to personnel to allow authorized movement without alarming

Operator Alerts - pop-up windows provide instant notification of alarm conditions and exceptions

Instant Query - quickly displays additional information about a record or event, such as "last seen" location or movement history, by simply clicking a button or screen element

Data Management - event data is stored in an ODBC database for flexible customized report/query using an off-the-shelf report generator

Ease of Integration - operates standalone or in background with logical interfaces to legacy applications via relay control and ASCII scripts

Network Leverage - runs on the Windows 2000 platform, communicating with devices over the LAN/WAN using minimal bandwidth

Open Architecture - connects directly to network devices via industry standard RS-232 serial port or Ethernet TCP/IP network interfaces

Configurable Display - operator can selectively view event logs, real-time reads, stored images, live video snapshots and alarm notification windows

Image Import - administrator can associate stored images with tags for instant display and visual verification

Asset Location - Containment - Management

Today's mobile workforce demands that both people and assets move freely throughout the enterprise. As a result, losses due to missing assets and shrinking inventory continue to skyrocket. According to industry sources, employee theft costs U.S. businesses an average of $30 billion annually and is the primary cause for over 20% of all business failures. We offers patented technologies and systems to combat this ever-growing problem, providing total solutions for asset containment, mobile asset management and asset location and tracking. The ATag system is the perfect solution to keeping track of valuable assets within the walls of any facility whether it's the corporate office, a data center, an educational facility or healthcare complex.

Asset Containment

The ATag Asset Management system provides an effective way to reduce theft from both internal and external threats via perimeter-based asset containment. By creating "control point" detection zones at strategic entrance and exit points throughout a facility, tagged items are unable to leave the premises without triggering an immediate alert/alarm notification. Not only does the system provide perimeter protection for the entire facility, but it can also be used within the facility to detect when assets leave certain rooms or specific areas, or enter or leave zones that are designated as off limits, highly classified or secure.

  • Reduce theft from both internal and external threats.
  • Instant alert/alarm notification of assets at entry/exit points.
  • Perimeter protection as well as containment within internal rooms or areas.

Mobile Asset Management

Most difficult to track within any enterprise are the valuable assets that are on the move. Using flexible "control point" architecture, the ATag system can easily detect and locate mobile assets within the facility. By employing "Functional Linkage", any asset can be assigned to an authorized owner or user to allow one to move freely throughout the enterprise with their assigned asset. However, if an asset is detected without its authorized owner, an alarm event occurs, immediately sending notification of an unauthorized asset movement.

  • Flexible "control point" architecture to detect and locate mobile assets.
  • "Functional Linkage" allows asset to move freely with authorized owner or user.
  • Immediate alarm notification of an unauthorized asset movement.

Asset Location and Tracking

Locating or tracking assets that can be either static or in motion, such as wheelchairs or IV pumps in a healthcare facility, servers in a data center or laptops in a corporation, is no easy task ­ until now. To know where these assets are at all times, the ActiveTag system provides a comprehensive resource for locating and tracking assets, whether on the move or sitting still. The system allows users to instantly determine the general location of a tagged asset anywhere within the facility. Installation of "control point" detection zones at strategic locations throughout the facility allows the user to define logical zones and monitor high traffic areas. Tagged assets moving through these control points provide instant location data. In addition, the system can verify that any asset "functionally linked" is accompanied by its assigned owner or user as it moves through the detection zone, and provide instant notification if the movement is unauthorized. When assets are between control points or inside of zones, beacon signals received from tags on a periodic basis help locate an asset or person within a designated zone or area.

  • Locate and track assets whether on the move or sitting still.
  • Instantly determine the location of a tagged asset anywhere within the facility.
  • Combined "control point" and beacon signaling for maximum coverage.

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